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Goji Energy Bar

Trisport Pharma Goji Energy Bar


  • Energy bar with a special sugar composition.
  • Especially during long easy endurance training, athletes like have something to nibble. GOJI Energy bar is the ideal energy bar in combination with the Hydra-Max or Energy-Drink, and with the Energy Gel Ratio 2:1.
  • The RATIO 2:1 principle from the gel is copied to this bar. RATIO 2:1 refers to the relationship between the Glucose/Maltodextrine and the Fructose

The Energy Bar is 35g, just enough to be able to eat it completely during exercise. Does not contain a chocolate shell, no annoying crumbs that can get in the respiratory system during the exercise.

  • Scientifically research proves that the intake of sugars during exercise improves performance . The general advise form coaches, doctors, exercise physiologists is to take 60-70 grams of sugar per hour.
  • More than 70 gram of glucose/Maltodextrine per hour seems useless because the body is not capable to incorporate and transport the sugars to the muscles.
  • Recent research supports the intake of "multi transportable carbohydrates" which means that more energy can be released from the sugars and transported to the muscles. The glycogen stock in the muscles can be saved for the final in the race.
  • What does multi transportable carbohydrates mean? Fructose is transported through the GLUT-5 gate in the gut. Glucose and Maltodextrine is transported through the SGLT1 (sodium-glucose cotransporter 1)
    If the relation between the two types of sugar is 2:1, up to 90 grams per hour can be transported in the body and converted into energy.
  • A test in a time-trial resulted in an improve of up to 8% in performance with the use of this science.


Nutritional analysis per bar (35 g) and per 100 g

Energy in kcal 125 357
Energy in kJ 528 1509
Koolhydraten 21 60
Protein 5,4 15,5
Fats 1,6 4,5
NaCl 0,005 0,014


Ingrediƫntenlijst per 35g (per bar) and per 100 g

Name Quantity per bar Quantity per 100 g
Maltodextrin 7,7 g 22 g
Fructose syrup 6,13 g 17,51 g
Milk protein 5,77 g 16,49 g
Glucose syrup 6,53 g 18,66 g
Tapioca starch 3,5 g 10 g
Oat flakes 1,4 g 4 g
Vegetable fat 0,35 g 1 g
Goji berries 1,05 g 3 g
Dextrose 0,7 g 2 g
Flavoring 0,52 g 1,48 g
L-glutamin 1 g 2,86 g
Magnesium citrate 0,35 g 1 g


Packaging: bars of 35 g, 15 bars per box.
Dosage: During the exercise, 1 to 2 bars per hour.
Flavor: Goji berry