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Oxi Vital - Trisport PharmaOXI-VITAL

  • Oxi‐Vital is one of the most extensive combinations of antioxidants and it provides for all the antioxidant requirements of the body.
  • CoQ10 and alpha‐lipoic acid are added specially for sportspeople.
  • CoQ10 is the limiting factor (weakest link) in the rate of energy production in the mitochondria.
  • The heart muscle and skeletal muscles are the most susceptible to a CoQ10 deficiency.
  • Among other things, alpha‐lipoic acid plays an important role in burning sugar in our cells for energy
    production. Alpha‐lipoic acid is a strong antioxidant, capable of recycling other antioxidants so that
    they can continue to perform their protective function for longer.


  • Iron rusts, butter turns rancid and an apple becomes brown. All these “chemical” processes are described by the collective name “oxidation”. Oxygen plays an important role in these oxidation reactions.
  • Various oxidation reactions take place inside our body as well, as a result of which free radicals are
    formed which could harm protein, fat and DNA molecules.
  • However, the formation of these free radicals is a normal biological process in our body. They can
    even fulfil a significant physiological role, such as protecting us against bacteria.
  • Antioxidants are compounds which could neutralize the harmful effect of the free radicals.
  • A problem occurs if the balance between the formation of free radicals and the antioxidant defence
    is disturbed; this is known as “oxidative stress”.
  • We find such an increased level of free radicals in case of stress, illness, environmental pollution,
  • Increased free radicals are also released during heavy physical effort, as a result of the increased
    oxygen consumption in the mitochondria.
  • Our body defends itself against these free radicals in two ways.
    First and foremost, with the help of antioxidant enzymes, for which minerals such as selenium, zinc,
    manganese and copper are necessary.
    A second level of protection is offered by the antioxidant vitamins which we take in through our diet,
    such as vitamin E, vitamin C and beta‐carotene (= nutrient antioxidants).
    Since these nutrient antioxidants are themselves lost when neutralizing the free radicals, they can
    inactivate only one or two of these harmful particles per molecule.
    This is also the reason why supplementation with an antioxidant complex is preferable to the
    administration of a single antioxidant.
    As many different antioxidants as possible can optimize the antioxidant cascade, which means that
    the antioxidant function of the oxidized, damaged antioxidants can be restored (e.g. vitamin E can be
    restored by vitamin C and vitamin C can be restored by glutathione, etc.).
  • An antioxidant complex is best administered in a physiological dose, because more is not always
    better. On the contrary, high doses of antioxidants can act as a pro‐oxidant instead of an antioxidant.
    The two examples below prove that more is not always better.
    Example 1:
    Dr J Limpens and her team at the University Medical Center in Rotterdam have tested lycopene +
    vitamin E on mice in order to see if this combination curbs the growth of prostate tumours.
    “A low dose of lycopene and vitamin E appeared to be the most effective, which is a particularly good
    proof that more is not necessarily better,” concluded Dr Limpens.
    Example 2:
    A group of triathletes who participated in the Ironman in Hawaii were administered 800 IU vitamin E
    or a placebo during the last two months before the competition.
    The group which received the placebo had a lesser degree of free radical damage than the group
    which took 800 IU vitamin E.


List of ingredients per capsule
(vegetarian capsule)

Name Quantity
Ascorbic acid (vit C) 100 mg
Zinc AA chelate 79,8 mg (15mg Zn)
Citrus Bioflavonoïdes
(Example 1)
50 mg
L-Cysteïne HCl 50 mg
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteïne 50 mg
Co-Enzym Q10 50 mg
L-Glutation 25 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 25 mg
D-Alfatocoferyl acetate 20 mg( = 10mg Vit E)
Grape seed extract 15 mg
L-seleno-methionin (5000 mcg/g) 13,2 mg (66 mcg Se)
Hesperidin 6 mg
Dunaliella salina (10% betacarotene) 4,8 mg (0,48mg betacaroteen)
Rutin 4 mg


Packaging: boxes with 60 capsules.
Dosage: 1 capsule per dag, before training or competition.