Trisport Pharma - Innovative supplements for sports

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Anti-doping charter

All products of Trisport Pharma are developed based on the latest scientific data.

  • The production takes place in accordance with the strictest standards:
    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): A quality assurance system for the pharmaceutical and food industry.
    ISO 9001: Internationally recognized standards on quality control and quality assurance.
    HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point): With HACCP, (potential) hazards related to food safety are identified, evaluated and controlled in a systematic way instead of being checked afterwards.
  • Before being launched in the market, all products are extensively tested by top sportspeople during training and competitions.
    • The products are legal and contain no unauthorized substances.
    • All products are free from synthetic colouring, flavouring and sweetening agents according the WADA list.
    • Each batch is only realesed for sales after is has been testen, and received a HFL certificate. You can always ask a copy of this certificate for any product you purchased.
    • “Trisport Pharma” strives towards helping sportspeople deliver a higher level of performance, through the proper use of innovative supplements, which contain no unauthorized substances.